Our company philosophy

Corporate Responsibility is a key part of our company philosophy and is constantly being updated as part of our continuous improvement process.

From the very beginning, the issue of Corporate Responsibility (CR) has been deeply rooted in our company’s culture, closely tied in with our business strategy. We view the ongoing integration of CR as a means of safeguarding the future and as a source of inspiration for innovative products. From the Board down, various bodies at all hierarchy levels (including a CR workgroup and various teams of experts) deal with matters of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Key thoughts and ideas are summarised in our CR policy document, which sets out the five areas of action that come under the umbrella of Corporate Responsibility (Strategy, Products, Environment, Corporate Culture and Society).

In our 2020 Strategy, we address topics which, over the course of time and against the background of increasing digitalisation, demographic change and changes in the way work and family life are reconciled, are important to edding.

Responsibility at edding

Patricia Siebel, Head of CR Coordination at edding

Our CR team

Patricia Siebel, Head of CR Coordination (right)

Christina Tarrach, CR Coordinator (left)

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