Safety at Work

What does being safe at the workplace actually mean?

Health and safety in the workplace is about ensuring that policies and procedures defined by the government are enforced to help protect employees. This involves anything from identifying potential hazards to conducting regular safety education and training sessions for all employees. It’s not uncommon for some companies to provide voluntary drills, instructions, and guidelines to further assist employees with understanding and recognising healthy and safety risks in the workplace. As well, companies can incentivise employees go to above and beyond the minimum required of them with programs involving prizes, awards, and point systems.

Generating a safe work environment includes:

  • Properly storing chemical material and always having an MSDA (material safety data sheet) on hand for guidance
  • Mopping up any food or liquid spillages quickly
  • Properly stacking boxes so that the stack won’t be too high
  • Securing wires and cables so that they can’t be tripped over
  • Guaranteeing that electrical equipment isn’t used in a damp or wet area
  • Providing the necessary protective clothing and accessories for all employees and visitors to the workplace
  • Holding regular health and safety workshops

Be aware of these six workplace dangers

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How edding products can assist with health & safety

For employees working on construction sites or simply anyone working on ladders or scaffolding, it can be dangerous to hold different things by hand and still find balance. Luckily, the edding retract 11 permanent marker has a clip on the lid and retractable nib, which means that anyone can safely hold onto something when working high up and operate the marker with the other hand. That’s not the only reliable tool for workers, as the edding 8407 cable marker, with its extremely fine nib, helps IT workers and electricians find the correct cables when maintenance work arises. The edding 8850 carpenter pen assists DIY professionals clearly mark walls and other surfaces with its extra-long nib.

edding markers help with making the workplace safer and more effective, as our range of products are made with professionals in mind. We want everyone who uses our products to feel secure and creative at all times.

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The edding retract 11 permanent marker

The edding retract 11 permanent marker has no cap and can therefore be used with one hand due to the push-button mechanism. This smudge-proof and wear-resistant marker is perfect for anyone such as builders, plumbers, or electricians, who can’t risk losing their balance on a ladder or roof when needing to write on a certain type of material.

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The edding 8850 carpenter marker

For carpenters or anyone doing home DIY, precise marking is of the utmost importance when working. The edding 8850 carpenter marker contains an extra-long and fine nib, which means there is no issue when other objects might block the way. The marker works on nearly every surface that’s dry and free from dust.