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Internships @ edding

An internship is often the first way to familiarise yourself with a company or a profession. As an integral part of a team, you are involved in ongoing daily operations from the beginning whilst also taking on responsibility for your own projects.

Depending on the respective target group and the length of the internship, we differentiate between work experience, a business internship, a student internship or an internship to help identify a career.

What we offer

For those still at school

  • 2-week work experience
    Year 9/10 (all types of school)
  • 2-week business internship
    Year 12 (comprehensive and grammar schools)

For apprentices

4-week business internship
Internship as part of an apprenticeship

For students

2-6 month internship
Internship during a degree to write a dissertation or for career orientation

Current internships


We offer internships in nearly all professional fields. Depending on what projects are currently available, our colleagues can look forward to being supported by international marketing, trade marketing, purchasing and our HR team, amongst others.

Speculative applications

If you haven’t been able to find ‘your’ internship today, then show your initiative and apply for a job at edding. We are interested in finding out about your background and your contribution to company success.

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