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The smart way to label clothing and shoes

Children grow so fast. In fact, they’re always growing out of things - especially clothes and shoes. That’s why autumn is the time when many families go on a big clothes shop to buy rainwear and warm clothing to see the kids through the colder months. To ensure the new gear doesn’t get lost at school or nursery, make sure you label all clothes with the right edding marker.

Wash-proof laundry labelling

It’s always annoying when clothing gets mixed up at school or nursery. The practical solution to this is the edding laundry marker. It can be used for labelling almost any item of clothing - and the ink will withstand wash cycles, even boil washes. What’s really neat about the laundry marking set is that you first write on the labels provided and then iron them on your items of clothing.

Boil-proof labelling for protective masks

The current situation means protective masks have become the norm – whether at school, at work or out shopping. When removing a face covering, a neat way to avoid mix-ups is to label it with an edding laundry marker. The marking will remain perfectly legible, even if the mask is disinfected by washing at 90°C.

Labelling shoes clearly

Sports shoes can look so similar that they can often get left behind in a changing room or at the local gym, or get mixed up and forgotten at nursery. The edding shoe marking set offers the perfect solution: simply personalise the labels and stick them onto any type of footwear, so they always find their way back to their owner.

No-mess label removal

When you buy a new pair of shoes, those sometimes hard-to-remove sticky labels on the soles can be very annoying. Luckily, however, thanks to edding’s practical label removal marker, it’s possible to get rid of most paper labels and adhesive residue in next to no time – from shoes, glass, porcelain and many other materials. A useful and clever everyday aid that no household should be without.

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