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Thanks to our wide range of compatible ink cartridges and toners, we can offer the right product for your printer. There are lots of good reasons to celebrate: edding cartridges for inkjet printers and toner cartridges for laser printers offer superb print quality at a great price. The minimum page yield is as high as that of an original cartridge and, in some cases, even higher. Whether you are printing a holiday photo or a document, our high-quality inks give brilliant printing results.

When you use edding printer accessories, there’s no need to worry about your printer warranty. That’s because the use of edding printer cartridges will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty in any way. Not only that: our cartridges and toners are guaranteed to work without problem for a minimum of 3 years. If you have any technical questions, you can contact our free Service Hotline. Because we take recycling very seriously, we supply our trade partners with returns boxes for the collection of used printer cartridges​​​​​​​, which we then recycle and re-use.

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Inkjet and laser printers

Printer cartridges for inkjet printers

Cartridges for inkjet printers

edding’s range of printer cartridges is compatible with Canon, Epson, HP, Brother and Lexmark printers. Our cartridges are sold individually or in handy multi-packs containing several colours. Simply enter the printer manufacturer and model. All compatible edding printer cartridges will be displayed instantly.

Toner cartridges for laser printers

Cartridges for laser printers

We also provide an attractive range for Brother, Samsung and HP laser printers. Whether you are printing in colour or in black and white, our edding toner range gives superb printing results every time – and at a reasonable price, too!


Remanufactured toner cartridges from edding are produced in accordance with DIN 33870, with most already produced in accordance with the new DIN standard versions (DIN 33870-1 for monochrome toner cartridges and DIN 33870-2 for colour toner cartridges).

These standards, published by DIN (the German Institute for Standardization), define the strict requirements governing the remanufacturing process for toner modules, and set out a manufacturer’s or distributor’s obligations during this process in order to ensure that the quality is equivalent to that provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

To comply with the requirements of DIN 33870-1 and DIN 33870-2, the page yield offered by remanufactured toner cartridges should be the same as or higher than that provided by the equivalent cartridges from the OEM.

In accordance with the DIN specifications, information on page yield must be indicated by a yield figure. When calculating this figure, the page yield test results for the remanufactured product are correlated with the page yield provided by the equivalent OEM cartridge. The outcome of this comparison is the yield figure, which is shown as a number to one decimal point.

So, for instance, a yield figure of 1.0 means that the remanufactured cartridge can print just as many pages as the equivalent OEM cartridge. A higher yield of, say, 1.2 means that the remanufactured unit offers a higher page yield, i.e. that it can print 1.2 times the number of pages that the equivalent OEM unit can print.

For the majority of its products, in addition to the yield figure as specified by DIN 33870-1 and DIN 33870-2, edding also indicates the page yield in accordance with ISO 19752 for monochrome toner cartridges and 19798 for colour toner cartridges. These international standards define the requirements for measuring the page yield of toner cartridges and set out clear test criteria.

Some edding toner cartridges are labelled with a page yield/yield figure is based on a test for determining yield at a page coverage of 5%. This yield figure indicates how many sides of A4 can be printed with a single toner cartridge where a total of 5% of the A4 page is covered with images or text (the remainder of the page is white). In practical terms, this equates to an average business letter.

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Three-year warranty

You can always expect trouble-free operation from an edding branded product because we focus on ensuring consistent top quality in our manufacturing process.

However, if - contrary to expectations - you purchase a consumable product that you believe is faulty, if it is deemed to be defective after inspection by our in-house testing department,

  • edding undertakes to replace the consumable product at no charge, either via your distributor or directly through our Customer Service department.
  • edding also undertakes to cover any printer repair costs if it is proven that the failure occurred as a direct result of using an edding consumable.

The three-year warranty offered by edding International GmbH (Bookkoppel 7, 22926 Ahrensburg) is valid in Germany for three years from the date the consumable was purchased, provided that the product is used correctly.

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

Collect toner cartridges and protect the environment

edding encourages the collection and recycling of all used cartridges and offers ways for you to dispose of your consumables at the end of their life cycle.

Please do not bin empty toner cartridges in your household waste. Use a collection system to recycle them and protect the environment. You can find further information on the edding collection scheme for empty toner cartridges here.



Service hotline for printer cartridges

00800 - 4038 4000

  • Mon-Thurs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (local times)
  • Fri from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (local times)
  • Calls are free

Service hotline for toner cartridges

01805 - 33 30 53

  • Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (local times)
  • 14 eurocents/min. from a German landline, mobile charges will vary