Welcome @ edding

Long-lasting, versatile, expressive, creative: these are the words that describe the values of the edding Group.

The company was founded in 1960 by Carl-Wilhelm Edding and Volker Detlef Ledermann. Their very first product - the legendary all-round marker no.1 - served as a blueprint for generations of markers to follow. From what was once a two-man business, an international operation has developed, with more than 600 employees and a Group turnover of over 141 million euros (2018).

Today, the Group's products are sold worldwide in more than 110 countries. This success is based on two brands: edding and Legamaster.



edding represents variety and expertise in all matters relating to colour, primarily due to our range of markers and writing implements. From the classic permanent marker to special-purpose products such as the UV or cable marker as well as products for DIYers and creative types, edding's range includes more than 180 markers.



Legamaster forms our second pillar - the visual communications specialist.

In over 60 years of successful business, we have always actively adapted our range in line with the latest trends and developments in communications technology. Whether it be classic-style with flip charts and whiteboards or electronically with touchscreens and interactive whiteboards, we ensure more effective teaching and more successful meetings.

edding Tech Solutions

To continue to grow and drive forward our business, we have founded edding Tech Solutions GmbH. This new company develops innovative interfaces that combine analogue and digital marking and printing technology. Together with our technology partners, we’ve now long since passed project status and will shortly be launching these new product categories.

Prospects and culture

Future prospects

As an owner-managed public limited company, the edding Group combines the capabilities of an international manufacturer of branded products with the friendly atmosphere of a company with local roots and a flat structure. For every colleague – student, career starter and professional alike - this means considerable scope for getting involved in decision-making and the opportunity to participate.

As a listed company, edding offers the best of both worlds: the professionalism and transparency of a public limited company are combined with the advantages of a family business, including long-term strategy, continuity, sustainability and the freedom to consciously pursue new decision-making routes. This is how we build the foundation for long-term stability and open up individual development opportunities for our employees.

Our company culture

edding is an independent family business, and we can look back on our history with pride. We also have no intention of being taken over or having rules imposed on us by others in the future. What‘s more, we are aware of our social and environmental responsibilities in the community.

Every member of staff breathes life into the company and the edding brand. Everyone contributes personally to our success. Which is why it is so important that every single employee is aware of his or her responsibility and acts accordingly.

The edding culture provides the basis for our day-to-day dealings with one another and the way we work together: we don‘t want to be guided by benchmarks or best practices - we want to improve on the status quo. That‘s why we want to help our employees have confidence in their own abilities and to take new paths. That also means having the imagination and courage to do things differently. We call it eddipreneurship. We combine this with eddiplementation, the ability to put ideas into practice effectively and pragmatically - with high-quality results, naturally. The common element running through all these values is edding ink. It stands for solidarity with the brand, mutual support, respect for others and celebration of joint success.