Products and packaging

Sustainable from unpacking to refilling

Whether for the EcoLine series, the refillable markers or our refill systems, the folding boxes or outer packaging used for them are made of 80% recycled material and can of course be recycled. The same already applies to many of the set packagings. Plastic sets are also partly made of recycled material and are to be converted further. The reduction of CO2 emissions from packaging is a key target by 2026.

We offer sustainable and durable product solutions for all situations. Not only in the office but also at school, university or at home. Do whiteboard or flipchart markers ever get left open in the heat of the moment in the conference room? No problem thanks to cap-off technology, which prevents products that have been left open from drying out quickly. The marker only writes pale? The nib no longer seems to be in perfect shape after long use? This does not usually mean that it is a case for the rubbish but simply that it can be brought back into shape with a refill or a replacement nib.