Creative Life

We want our consumers to feel successful and happy while pursuing their creative activities. That is why edding's creative products are easy and intuitive to use and deliver expert results. We provide a large range of reliable, high quality pens and sprays for individual and colourful decorations on different surfaces and materials. We address the creative woman who wants to treat herself and others with individual ideas and designs. And we address those who want to be creative with kids.

Discover the creative diversity of edding

Whether for paper, fabric, ceramics, stone, metal, canvas or wood, for precise fine writings or colouring large areas, for numerous different materials and versatile applications, we offer over 300 specific creative products. It’s our goal to help you express yourself, let your ideas flow and add your personal touch with the certainty to achieve an expert result with every edding.

Too difficult? Too complicated? Too time-consuming? We have good news for you: With edding you can realise any idea easily. From small to huge to crazy. Whether you like doing handicrafts with your kids, whether you like to design things to make them more personal or if you just love to decorate from time to time for special occasions, you will find the right edding to reach your goal. So, what’s your next idea?

Creative output needs creative input!

Sketching of a dog

Template Generator

Turn your photo into a black-and-white sketch, which you can colour in or transfer onto virtually any material you like with some simple tricks!

Hummingbird template in use

Templates for download

You can download and print out many creative helpers like templates, alphabets and theme patterns.

Paint markers

Fineliner and fibre pens

Chalk markers

Textile markers

Permanent spray

Lettering and calligraphy pens

Porcelain pens