edding 8040 laundry marker - never washed out

edding 8040 laundry marker - withstands hot wash cycles

Do you need to write your children's names on clothes, gym bags or gloves? Perhaps you have some personal clothes that need individual labelling? If that sounds like you, the edding 8040 laundry marker is perfect for your needs. It can write permanently on almost all textiles. This marker's ink can withstand very hot washes, including boil washes of up to 95° C making it the ideal to mark all kind of textiles.

The edding 8040's ink is quick-drying, smudge- and abrasion resistant and gentle on natural as well as synthetic materials. The fine nib is ideal for precise lettering where space is sparse, such as on laundry labels.

When the water runs hot and the air is steamy, it is essential to have a reliable tool to mark and label textiles and fabrics. The edding 8040 laundry marker is wash-resistant to temperatures up to 95 °C, one of the reasons why it is popular in industries, where permanent markings have to withstand hot washes such as in the hotel and catering industry, in hospitals or care homes.

Naturally it is waterproof and comes with a quick-drying, smudge-proof ink, which allows accurate labelling with its fine nib.

  • Round nib 1 mm
  • Textiles
  • Boil-proof
  • Permanent
  • Made in Germany


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