Plate clock DIY

Stylishly decorated with hand lettering

Hang these classy porcelain wall clocks on your wall at home, and they’re sure to attract plenty of compliments! To emphasise the elegant look of our plate clocks we decided to decorate them with hand lettering. The black and white letters highlighted with splashes of red are set off beautifully against the white porcelain. Hand lettered designs are really easy to apply using porcelain brush pens from edding; let us show you how, step by step, and you won’t go wrong. Porcelain brush pens are superb for painting on porcelain and oven-proof glass – they contain special ink in a range of carefully coordinated colours with a creamy texture to give an even finish. When the design is complete, you leave the paint to dry for a short while and then make it permanent by heat fixing it in a pre-heated oven. After baking, your designs will be dishwasher-safe.

Hand lettering
Living room
A bit more challenging
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • White plate
  • Clock mechanism
  • A drill suitable for porcelain; thin metal wire
  • Two-part epoxy adhesive (e.g. UHU)
  • Water and methylated spirits for initial cleaning
  • Cotton buds or a damp cloth for wiping off any mistakes
  • A conventional oven

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