Legamaster brand

The Legamaster brand offers visual communication solutions which empower creativity, boost interaction and enable teams to excel - from flipcharts to interactive touch displays. “The Power of Collaboration”.

Brand profile

Power of collaboration

Brand core

The power of collaboration means that our solutions are designed to support people to make the most out of every meeting and enable teams to work together successfully.

By making communication visible with the help of a Legamaster product, teams can interact, generate new ideas together, document the creative process, visualise their planning and share knowledge with each other.

Legamaster’s power of collaboration is about the conviction that teams can excel when everyone can visualise and interact freely to align and build upon the ideas of others.

Legamaster sees it as its duty to develop solutions that help teams with frictionless communication during any type of meeting - face-to-face, hybrid or remote - and with any working method that fits their specific needs best.

Excellent teamwork

Brand vision & mission

We believe in a world where people can connect and collaborate better every day.

By supporting users to express themselves when collaborating with others, Legamaster enables people to make a better connection with each other and be more successful as a team.

Every day we create visual collaboration solutions which empower creativity, boost interaction and enable teams to excel.

We make communication visible

Brand promise

Legamaster empowers professionals to collaborate successfully by developing high-quality solutions, which enable teams to make their communication visible.

Legamaster empowers teams to do great things together by enabling them to visualise their to do’s, ideas and insights in a breeze. Key focus points are durability, flexibility and an optimum user experience. Solutions with the latest technologies and the best materials, but no unnecessary features or extravagant designs.

The focus on functionality is combined with a focus on fostering interactivity. This means that the solutions are geared towards enabling anyone to visualise their thoughts in an instant and thereby contribute their individual experience as well as expertise to the discussion and the team performance.

Brand attributes


Built to last today and tomorrow.

Emerging out of two separate brands that manufactured visual communication tools since the 1960’s, Legamaster stands for functional, high-quality products ever since the brand was born in 1999. The solutions enable people to easily visualise their ideas or to-do’s and use this as a basis to discuss, align and build upon.

Legamaster solutions are designed to meet the users wants and needs with a focus on durability and reliability. They are designed with great care to ensure that they are easy to set up, install, use and clean.


Dive right in without the need for extensive training.

Legamaster products are easy-to-use and designed without unnecessary frills with a focus on optimal usability.

Legamaster takes great care in developing hands-on solutions with the users in mind. The products can be used by anyone without the need for extensive training: whether it is a workshop, a hybrid meeting or a creative brainstorm – everyone needs to feel comfortable and be able to visualise their ideas in an instant on a Legamaster product.

Legamaster always strives to come up with practical and realistic solutions – not only for its users, but also for its partners when it comes to doing business. Legamaster is a reliable partner with a long-term view, who also strongly believes in the ‘power of collaboration’ when entering into business partnerships.


Bring ideas to life together

Interactivity is all about providing solutions that facilitate the exchange between people and to stimulate creativity during meetings, workshops and lessons. Legamaster’s added value is that the brand enables teams to come to concrete results by making communication visible.

Through interacting with the Legamaster products and visualising what comes to mind, teams can achieve a highly effective level of communication and make great progress in developing ideas and managing any project together.