Using The Correct Tools to Mark Stainless Steel

What is v2a stainless steel and how is it used?

Stainless steel is a form of steel that is impervious to rust and tarnishing. It is an alloy that contains chromium, which is an oxide on the surface of the steel that helps prevent corrosion. v2a steel is just another name often used for rustproof steel. Stainless steel is helpful for a variety of applications, including cutlery, sinks, washing machine drums, razor blades, handrails, masonry supports, exhaust systems, surgical instruments, catering equipment, hot water tanks, different types of nuts and bolts, and so much more.

Stainless steel is usually separated into five main categories:

  • Austenitic
  • Ferritic
  • Duplex
  • Martensitic
  • Precipitation hardening

There are several reasons to use one type of v2a material over another, including what kind of environment or temperature the product will be in, what strength is needed, what kind of shape is required, if magnetic properties are necessary, and of course, the customer’s budget.

Advantages & disadvantages of markers when it’s necessary to label stainless steel

edding 750 paint marker with white mark on metal

Typical scenarios to mark stainless steel

Due to the fact that so many different types of industries need to use writing products for a variety of applications, it's necessary to cater to practically everyone. From aircraft industries to power plants to automotive factories, employees will require the right tool for the right job. People will need to label stainless steel for the following reasons:

  • Marking a particular machine part to help with identifying a reorder code
  • Clearly marking out the area if a cut or bolt is necessary
  • Passing on crucial information to other colleagues regarding a specific section of machinery
  • Recording info like weight or dimensions needed for future steps

Regarding which type of edding products are best needed when working with v2a material, there are several possibilities. The edding 751 paint marker is a solid all-round option, as it can write on metal, glass, wood, and a lot more, as well as coming in many colour options and in heat-resistant ink. Aviation or shipping machinery, for example, require markers with low-corrosion and wear-resistant properties, like the edding 8030 NLS high-tech marker or the edding 8404 aerospace marker.

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edding 750 paint marker black marks on metal

The edding 750 paint marker

A writing tool with highly visible and opaque colours that can be trusted to deliver great results on many different types of materials , the edding 750 paint marker is one of our most popular items and a great companion for any factory or plant employee. With ink that's both weather-resistant and heat-resistant, this marker is trustworthy in any condition.

Rusty steel pipes

Using low-corrosion ink

Learn about how important it is for some workplaces to use low-corrosion ink when marking different types of materials. See why edding products are so reliable for employees who require low-corrosion ink to help them in their daily tasks and what type of markers are best for these situations.