How to make your fridge more organised

Cleverly label tubs and containers

There are lots of benefits of keeping your fridge-freezer organised. Storing your food in the right place extends its shelf life so you can enjoy it for longer. When things are labelled up, you’ll also find them much more quickly. In this article, we’ll show you a few clever ideas and share some tips on how to create a more orderly fridge using the right edding markers.

Labelling made easy

For the best tub and container labels, you should always use the right marker. Materials such as glass, plastic, wood and metal are easiest to label with a permanent marker or paint marker. Of the two, paint markers are the best choice, as they offer maximum coverage on dark or transparent materials. By contrast, containers kept in the freezer compartment should be labelled using a special freeze marker as it contains frost-resistant ink.

Smart storage ideas

Handy hanging solutions

It’s very handy to put chopped fruit and vegetables in reusable zip-lock bags and hang them securely from your shelf racks using a large clip. We recommend labelling the bags with the fine-tipped edding 400 permanent marker to make sure you can see at first glance what’s inside.

Storage jars for maximum clarity

To keep chopped herbs, capers or garlic fresh, we recommend small metal tins that you can attach to the inside of the fridge door with magnetic tape. The lids, whether glass or metal, can be labelled with permanently legible paint markers such as the edding 750.

Clearly label trays

Trays suspended below your fridge shelves can be very convenient. Labelled with a fine-tipped permanent marker such as the edding 400, they’re a smart solution for all small food items kept in the fridge, such as olives, tomatoes, or even chocolate.

Organising your freezer compartment

You also need to keep your freezer compartment organised. The edding 8000 freeze marker makes it easy to clearly label freezer bags and containers, bringing order to your freezer in no time at all. What’s more, you can also purchase special, reusable freezer bags as shown here.

Clearly label freezer bags

Reusable zip-lock freezer bags, which are easy to open and close, have also proven to be highly effective for freezing. By labelling them with a freeze marker you will ensure that you can see at a glance what’s in each bag – even months later. The specialist marker’s ink is frost-resistant down to -25°C, and is also smudge-proof and waterproof, while its fine tip makes short work of labelling the smallest of surfaces.

TLC for your rubber seals

Anyone who makes the effort to organise their fridge-freezer should also be sure not to neglect necessary care and maintenance. To keep your fridge-freezer cooling steadily for years to come – ensuring your food is stored in ideal conditions – its rubber seals should always be well-maintained. A quick and easy job thanks to the edding 8150 oil maintenance marker, which will help to keep your rubber seals supple.

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