edding 8000 freeze marker - a cool solution

edding 8000 freeze marker - for cold environments

You put some delicious food in the freezer and want to easily recognize the storage date or content when taking it out? For that, there is hardly any better solution than the edding 8000 freeze marker. With its up to -25 °C frost-resistant ink, the waterproof marker permanently and smudge-proof labels freezer bags and containers alike.

The edding 8000 freeze marker's fine stroke is wear-resistant making it ideal for everyday use. Due to its quick-drying capabilities you can even put your items straight away after labelling into the freezer.

When working in surroundings which are constantly below zero, it can sometimes become tricky to find frost-resistant, non-permeating markers. The edding 8000 freeze marker is ideal for laboratories and the cold storage industries, since it writes on virtually all materials, be it a freezer bag, a container or the glass of a Petri dish.

The permanent, quick-drying and water resistant marker defies frost up to -25° C and makes with its fine nib marking and labelling in cold environments easy.

  • Round nib 1 mm
  • Frost resistant
  • Permanent
  • Plastic
  • Made in Germany


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