Permanent marking at home

The right marker for any household task

Permanent markers by edding make smart helpers for everyday sorting and organising – a must for any household. More versatile than almost any other product, they work on virtually any type of surface, resulting in labelling and marking that’s permanent, smudge-proof and dry in an instant. They can be used to label a wide range of different objects, from tea chests and storage jars to washing baskets and charging cables.

Work & home life

Whether you’re moving house, arranging your home office or simply sorting out everyday stuff, edding has a handy permanent marker to help with all your marking needs. And because they’re available in a variety of nib widths, they can handle anything from bold designs on metal wastepaper baskets or cardboard removal boxes through to finer inscriptions for file indexes or for reminder notes on your fridge.

Around the home

There’s nothing like having a home that’s shipshape. edding permanent markers will help you save time and ease your nerves. Neatly labelled storage jars and plastic medicine boxes will help you identify the contents at a glance. And if you pre-sort your laundry into appropriately labelled baskets, it’ll make the housework faster and easier!

Clever tips and tricks

edding permanent markers are the smart way to overcome those minor everyday challenges: so, instead of constantly hunting high and low for your headphones, make them stand out by adding colourful markings. Or put an end to tangled cables by securing them tidily with labelled clips.

When life gets busy, we often forget to drink water regularly, so it’s a good idea to mark your water bottle with drinking times throughout the day to help you to remember. Another idea that’s both decorative and smart is to identify light switches with diagrams or symbols so you always know which one to press.

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