Testing Fade Resistant Markers

Why perform the lightfastness test?

This test is carried out in order to see how fade resistant products are, for example, the edding 500 permanent marker and the edding 750 paint marker. However, it isn’t required for all products, simply for those that state lightfastness as being one of their characteristics. For products that use dry wipeable ink such as whiteboard markers, these too undergo the test since boards are usually hung up for a long time and could be subjected to prolonged periods of direct sunlight, therefore, markers used on them must be fade resistant.

DIN EN ISO 105-B02 is the standard used for testing lightfastness. This test is generally carried out when new products come onto the market, and when existing products are improved.

Information about the lightfastness test

edding 750 paint marker black mark on flowerpots

The method used to test lightfastness

An exposure unit is used to conduct tests for fade resistant markers. With this machine, it’s possible to set the following parameters:

  • Irradiance
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity

The machine has several standards already programmed so the correct one (in this case ISO 105-B02) needs to be selected prior to commencing the lightfastness test.

The Blue Wool Scale, which ranges from 1 to 8, is mandatory and used to measure lightfastness, in accordance with ISO 105-B02. A 1 on the scale is low and 8 is very high, therefore, the higher the number, the higher the light resistance. The duration of how long a mark is lightfast also depends on environmental conditions like summer or winter, which country and whether it is direct light or behind glass. The edding test center is always testing it within the same conditions for having a valid and repeatable result.

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edding 750 paint marker white marks on metal in hot environment

edding 750 paint marker

This fade resistant marker, designed to permanently label an array of different materials, even dark ones, is also waterproof and heat-resistant up to 400°C. The edding 750 paint marker is extremely lightfast and comes in 14 different colours, with more than half of them even remaining visible up to 1,000°C. The thin 2-4mm nib is perfect for fine writing, and thinner stroke widths are also available.

edding 500 permanent marker black marks on stone

edding 500 permanent marker

Wear-resistant, waterproof, and lightfast: the edding 500 permanent marker can be used for labelling plastic, wood, metal, glass, and cardboard. Its compact size means it can fit into the fullest of toolboxes. The 2-7mm nib allows for thick strokes so products can be clearly marked. These markers come in ten bright colours and are also refillable.