Organise your home - the easy way

The best hacks to help you organise your home

Do you ever feel the urge to get the New Year off to a flying start by being totally organised? If so, the best way to prepare is to get everything in order first! edding pens can provide much-needed help in many different ways.

Get rid of paper clutter

Many of us have piles of paper that continue to grow throughout the year – documents, receipts, junk mail, etc., with much of it just lying around in heaps. The best time to remedy this and file it all away is now! edding’s permanent markers produce neat and legible lettering, making them the obvious choice for labelling your folders. If you fancy designing your own snazzy labels, you’ll find a large selection of templates on our website.

Never forget a date again

These days, there’s so much to plan and organise on a daily basis that it’s easy for a date to slip our mind. So it’s a good idea to start planning the year’s events in an ordered and structured way. Special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and other important events should be clearly written down or listed. No matter whether you’re writing on paper, a glassboard or a whiteboard, with edding you have the right pens and markers at your fingertips.

Keep track of everything and make to-do lists

To-do lists are great for organising your affairs and an incredibly practical way of writing shopping lists, daily plans or weekly schedules. There are no fixed rules on how to categorise them; simply plan them out in whatever way you wish. edding has all the pens and markers you need to make clear, well-arranged to-do lists with a personal touch.

No more mix-ups!

No more mix-ups with the edding laundry marker

Whether in the changing room at the local gym, at nursery or at school, it’s easy to mix up items such as tops, gloves or sports bags - something that's bound to make you annoyed. To ensure that clothes no longer go missing, label each item clearly before it’s too late. With its permanent ink that can withstand wash cycles up to 95°C, the edding 8040 laundry marker is something that no household should be without.

Label your office mug

Many of us like to feel more at home in the workplace by using our own mugs, glasses, cereal bowls and the like. But it’s amazing just how easily items of crockery can get mixed up at the office or mysteriously turn up in other departments! Fortunately, you can now write your own name clearly on your mug using a porcelain brush pen. Choose from 15 beautiful colours suitable for baking.

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