edding DIY:

Discover upcycling hacks for your projects

Discover the world of upcycling and repairing with edding! Here you'll find a variety of creative DIY ideas that not only change your world, but also have a positive impact on our environment. Sustainability is a core value at edding. By upcycling, we transform seemingly useless objects into new treasures and help to conserve resources.
Our high-quality edding markers, pens and sprays are extremely versatile. They can be used to design projects such as chests of drawers, side tables and more. There are no limits to your creativity. And at the same time, you are actively helping to reduce waste and protect our planet with your commitment to sustainability. 
Browse through our collection of DIY upcycling ideas and become part of our sustainability movement. Get your edding sprays, markers and pens and let your creativity run wild. The world of upcycling is waiting for you to explore!