edding Weatherproof Markers

Testing the weather-resistance of markers

Whether decorating a flowerpot or marking steel ingots stored outside a warehouse, it’s important that markings on surfaces exposed to the elements are able to last. Markings made one day will often need to be seen in weeks to come. Therefore it's vital – for both personal and professional applications – that weatherproof pens and markers should have waterproof ink and be lightfast.

edding’s weatherproof markers go through a rigorous test to verify their weatherproof properties. Weather conditions are simulated inside a special accelerated weathering machine according to DIN specifications. The water used for this test is ultrapure water, which is purer than distilled water. The test can be repeated under laboratory conditions and the machine’s sensors stay intact throughout the check. The samples are tested for 1,000 hours, the machine’s equivalent of one year, and are checked every 250 hours to see if there are changes to the sample. Weatherproof tests are conducted on products that customers are expected to use outdoors.

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edding 950 industry painter white mark on stone

How is it determined if a marker is weatherproof?

Accelerated weathering machines allow for weatherproof testing via the use of several pre-programmed norms, with the machine providing all necessary parameters for the test, including:

  • Irradiance
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Spraying

The test of weatherproof markers adheres to the testing guidelines of DIN EN ISO 16474. Reliably complying with these testing guidelines is made easy by using the accelerated weathering machine, since it adjusts its parameters to the relevant settings.

For craftspeople working outdoors or anyone who has to mark a shipping counter or crate outside, for example, it's imperative to know that markings made on metal, wood, or glass, will be highly durable and long-lasting. Such rigorous testing means that edding weatherproof markers and pens can be used with confidence that the mark will last through many types of weather as well as most surfaces.

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edding 950 industry painter blue marks on rusty metal

edding 950 industry painter

Smudge-proof and highly opaque, the edding 950 industry painter is often used by professional divers marking ships underwater. That’s because it is an extra-permanent, durable, and lightfast weatherproof marker that can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces—even if they are rough, soiled, rusty, or wet.

edding 750 paint marker white marks on metal

edding 750 paint marker

Useable on many surfaces, including plastic, metal, and glass, this versatile edding 750 paint marker is not only permanent, heat-resistant, and weatherproof, but it also comes in 14 different colours. Its highly opaque waterproof ink is visible even on dark and transparent surfaces.