Back to school with edding

All ready for the new school year

With the holidays drawing to an end, it’ll soon be time for school once more. And no matter whether children are starting school for the first time or about to enter their final year, edding is on standby with exactly the right pens for all ages. From fineliners and permanent markers to highlighters and laundry marker sets, we’ve got everything you need for school.

Create your own timetable

colourful timetable with edding

Before lessons start in earnest, you’ll need to create a timetable. Draw a grid in next to no time using an edding fineliner and a ruler, before adding the days of the week and different subjects. Once you’ve done that, decorate your timetable in whatever way you choose using, for example, edding’s brightly coloured highlighters. These aren’t just great for highlighting sections of text, but can also be used for outlining and colouring. Why not give it a go!

Stay on top of things and keep organised

It’s easy to lose track of what’s going on with all the different subjects and school equipment. By labelling books and files, you can stay organised. edding’s permanent pens for non-porous, smooth surfaces ensure that all your inscriptions are both durable and legible. Use edding fineliners to label the spines of loose-leaf binders. Keep your desk at home nice and tidy by using plastic boxes. They’re great for storing study materials, stationery and the like. edding’s mini permanent markers make it easy for you to decorate the boxes in whatever way takes your fancy.

The quick and easy way to make notes and corrections

board marking with edding

Classroom whiteboards aren’t just a useful tool for clearly displaying and explaining information. A whiteboard above your desk at home is a great way of capturing your thoughts, working out calculations or drawing diagrams. These tasks are as easy as ABC when you use edding’s whiteboard markers in a range of colours. What’s really good about them is that their dry-wipeable ink can be erased in a matter of moments.

No more mix-ups!

After school PE lessons, there are plenty of children who have accidentally picked up someone else’s T-shirt or shoes by mistake. The edding laundry marker set for clothes and shoes lets you create name tags that can either be ironed straight onto clothes or stuck inside shoes, ensuring that everything finds its way back home safely.

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