Successfully working and presenting in the office

Whether in the conference room or at the desk: Whoever wants to successfully present, takes advantage of various presentation surfaces such as whiteboards, flipcharts or glass surfaces and works with the right pen. The range of products by edding therefore covers the perfect pen for every individual presentation technique in the office - from the classic whiteboard marker in black, the flipchart marker, all the way up to the glassboard marker.

The power of images

Why a picture on e.g. whiteboards, flipcharts or glass surfaces represents the best way to convey complex information easily.

Tips & tricks

With these tips, the next presentation will be an all-around success – entirely without any presentation skills training!

How to scribble

Use our simple tips to draw attention to your writing and make it both expressive and a pleasure to read.

If the world wins, we all win!

We live sustainability. At edding, we try to live up to our responsibility for tomorrow's world every day. Like a continuous green thread, our efforts run through the various stages in the life of an edding product with the aim of constantly improving our sustainability performance. And here, the result is greater than the sum of the individual parts.


Making a point with every line.

The comprehensive edding range includes products for daily office use. Whether you’re looking for a reliable way of writing on different types of material, just need to jot something down or want to highlight important sections of text, you can always rely on edding!

edding's markers for professional presentations

An overview of edding’s presentation professionals

Since backgrounds can vary (e.g. a flipchart, whiteboard or glassboard), we offer the right marker for every type of presentation surface, letting you express your concepts and ideas visually.

Sustainability in the office

Facts on modern working