Tips & Tricks

With these tips, the next presentation will be an all-around success.

Write expressively

Visualisations: Quick sketches or interesting images make a presentation exciting and understandable. Hardly any perfect presentation can do entirely without any words, however. With these simple but good tips, every font can be staged expressively and legibly.

The right nib

Our markers complete every office need. At edding, for every presentation surface there is a fitting marker that can be used to expressively visualise ideas. But when do you actually use which nib?

edding flipchart marker with round nib

Marker with round nib

Markers with a round nib are very suitable for drawings and graphics. They are versatile and allow you to design entirely based on your own wishes. The stroke can be between 1.5 - 3 mm wide, depending on how you hold the pen, how hard you press and which surface you choose.

Did you know? Our glassboard marker in red is one of the most popular markers with round!

edding flipchart marker with chisel nib

Marker with chisel nib

The chisel nib ensures particularly good legibility. The marker runs up in a wedge shape and therefore possesses a wide and a narrow side. Depending on how you hold the pen, the stroke will be thinner or wider. An expressive typeface is created by constantly leading the pen to the sheet at a 45° angle.

For every medium the right marker

Whiteboard marker

Whiteboard marker: The advantage of our whiteboard markers is that they can be dry wiped from whiteboards without trace. And once the ink is empty, the pen can easily be refilled.
More than classical black: Our whiteboard marker sets include many different colour combinations.

Glassboard marker

Our glassboard marker persuades with brilliant opaque colours. They are particularly suitable for surfaces made of glass and coloured glass boards. Of course, they are easily dry wipeable. Why not for once write in white or in red? Our edding 90 glassboard marker is available in different colour variations and sets.

edding flipchart markers

Flipchart marker

Our flipchart markers have a particularly brilliant ink which does not penetrate through to the next page. The best thing about it: Once the ink is empty, the flipchart marker can easily be refilled!
Strong in combination: Whether chisel, or round our flipchart markers are available in many different colour combinations.

"Cap-off" technology - Always open to continue.

Who doesn’t know it: Distracted for one short time and the marker remains uncapped. A few days later the pen will have dried out - or not? Thanks to the innovative "cap-off" technology, edding whiteboard markers and flipchart markers can be left open for several days / weeks. Entirely without drying out! This way, the marker can be picked up and used again at any time.

Refilling an edding marker

Refilled in no time.

Everything once has an ending - edding written empty? No problem at all! Our whiteboard marker and flipchart marker can be easily and quickly refilled and thus, be brought back to writing in no time. A practical and environmentally friendly solution to extend the service life of the marker. Sustainably influences the environment in a positive way and at the same time saves money with edding refill ink.

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