Successfully working and presenting in the office

Whether in the conference room or at the desk: Whoever wants to successfully present, takes advantage of various presentation surfaces such as whiteboards, flipcharts or glass surfaces and works with the right pen. The range of products by edding therefore covers the perfect pen for every individual presentation technique in the office - from the classic whiteboard marker in black, the flipchart marker, all the way up to the glass marker.

Modern working

Modern working means being creative!

We at edding are convinced: Modern and efficient working is becoming increasingly important in our fast-paced world. To fully exploit our potential, we need an environment that nurtures us, inspires and in which we feel comfortable.

Home Office

Master challenges in your home office

Working from remote changes the way we work and coordinate with colleagues. To master these challenges with ease, we gathered some useful tips & tricks from staying focused to planning breaks in your own office.

Tips & Tricks

Learn more how to make your presentation more succesful.

With these tips, the next presentation will be an all-around success – entirely without any presentation skills training!

The power of images

Use different visualisation options! In times of the ubiquitous information flood, the number of words a person must process every day has quintupled during the past 30 years. Clearly designed presentations visualise your own thoughts! Our markers and pens help with this and make communication understandable and visible!

The edding icon library

Visuals make your presentation interesting and easy to comprehend, although it’s not often possible to do away with text completely. Use our simple tips to draw attention to your writing and make it both expressive and a pleasure to read.

Making a point with every line

Since backgrounds can vary (e.g. a flipchart, whiteboard or glassboard), we offer the right marker for every type of presentation surface, letting you express your concepts and ideas visually.

The EcoLine whiteboard marker consist of 90% recycled plastic.

Sustainability in the office. How is edding improving his sustainability performance.

All packaging of our EcoLine pens avoids the use of plastic.