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The edding return cycle – out of love for the environment

As part of our product responsibility, we offer return boxes for empty, transportable markers for companies, authorities, schools and educational institutions. Recycling is an important part of sustainable action  - and it's easy, too! Return your empty or old markers in the box, and the marker parts will be recycled. A proportion of the material obtained from the re-granulate is used in the production of the edding EcoLine range.

The edding return cycle helps to save resources and thus protect the environment. More than 70% secondary material is obtained from the returns. Per ton of returned material approx. 1.4 t of CO2 is saved. This means that even long-distance shipping to recycle the products saves CO2. The edding recycling cycle – a start with no ending!

The recycling loop of an edding marker

The recycling loop of an edding marker

Resource shortages, plastic in the world's oceans and ultimately in our food, a fast approaching Earth Overshoot Day. These are all problems and symbols of a time where plastic is increasingly becoming a huge problem.

Although edding does use plastic to manufacture its high-quality markers and pens, we are fully aware of our responsibilities towards the environment. That's why the way in which we handle empty or old edding products should also be sustainable and of the highest quality.

In order to extend the life of an edding marker, we are delighted to offer refill systems and replacement nibs for many of our products. This means that empty markers can be refilled up to 15 times.

Once a marker can no longer be used, it can be disposed of in the edding return box, which has become increasingly popular over recent years. The boxes can be sent straight to  Nordthüringer Werkstätten GmbH.  Its workshops aim to offer people with a range of disabilities an interesting place to work and, in doing so, to support them. The employees there are responsible for pre-sorting the boxes. After sorting, recyclable content is passed on to a specialised local recycling company. As a result, we've collectively developed a sustainable recycling loop, through which a large proportion of the recyclate can be reused for the production of high-quality industrial products, such as the edding EcoLine range.

As this project is predominantly about conserving resources, pens and markers from other companies can also be added to the recycling loop using our return boxes.

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Corporate Responsibility is an integral part of our company philosophy and is constantly being developed as part of our continuous improvement process. Here you can find out more about how this relates to our products and the role of post-consumer recycling. Find out more about responsibility at edding.

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