Flamingo table decor

Design your own flamingo party decorations with this colourful tray and place cards

If you can’t make it to the Caribbean for your celebration, then why not bring a tropical Caribbean feeling into your home with this lovely flamingo table decor! This idea will be a hit not just with those who love flamingos, but with colouring enthusiasts as well. You can use the brush pens and the Brush Pen Colour Mixer provided in the Colour Happy Edition to draw flamingos in different shades of pink and red. The Colour Happy Boxes open up a seemingly endless array of colours for drawing, colouring and hand lettering, so you can produce your own works of art in any size and in gorgeous hues. It’s easy to conjure up beautiful pastel shades with the new edding Pastel Pen – Soft White. A vibrant red, for instance, can be instantly transformed into dusty pink, which in turn can be made even lighter by repeatedly applying the Pastel Pen. To prevent the flamingo motif on the tray getting dirty and scratched, protect it with a sheet of acrylic glass.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • White drawing paper the same size as the tray; watercolour paper for the place cards
  • A tray plus a sheet of acrylic glass
  • “Flamingo” template

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