DIY garden lights

Decorate lanterns with personal messages for a romantic atmosphere on a summer’s evening

What could be nicer than relaxing on the balcony or patio on balmy summer evenings, leaving all your cares behind? And as you unwind, custom-designed lanterns are the perfect way to add ambience to your surroundings. There are loads of beautiful handicraft ideas which use hand lettering – ranging from greetings cards and notebooks through to breakfast cups with cheery quotes for an early morning boost – so why not use creative lettering on outdoor summer lanterns as well? We were really impressed with the results because messages or a few fitting words stand out really well when written on the lanterns in plain black. You can use block or cursive lettering and experiment by varying the size of the letters and the spacing between them as you wish. When it comes to lettering, there are no set rules – anything goes. You can also add extra touches such as dots, borders or other embellishments.

Hand lettering
Creative garden ideas
Paper, carton and cardboard
A bit more challenging
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Good quality translucent vellum paper. Suggested size: 18 cm high x 32 cm long
  • Square pieces of black card for the base and cover
  • Pencil for sketching out design (if required), transparent adhesive tape
  • Bone folder; ruler;
  • Double-sided, transparent adhesive tape
  • LED tea-light

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