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We’ll show you how to lend your handwriting a special flair with the art of calligraphy

Beautiful writing like this has its origins in Asia and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. For a great introduction to the world of calligraphy, we recommend our calligraphy guide for beginners, brimming with tips and tricks for writing using edding’s calligraphy pens and markers. Once you've got the hang of it, try some of our creative ideas and let your handwriting flourish!

Snazzy DIY plant tags

Snazzy DIY plant tags

A clever way to look after thirsty cacti

Succulent plants and cacti are very popular these days, adorning windowsills in homes and offices everywhere. Not only are they easy to look...

Personalised greeting cards

Personalised greeting cards

Luxury folding card designed with edding calligraphy pens

At first glance, this elaborate greeting card seems rather complex to craft, when in reality it is anything but! The artistic designs on the...

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