edding's markers for professional presentations

An overview of edding’s presentation professionals

Since backgrounds can vary (e.g. a flipchart, whiteboard or glassboard), we offer the right marker for every type of presentation surface, letting you express your concepts and ideas visually.

Whiteboard markers

Glass markers

edding glass markers

Crystal-clear advantages

  • Easy to dry-wipe without leaving a trace
  • Brilliant, opaque colours
  • Clear-cut and vibrant visualisation on glassboards and other glass surfaces

Flipchart markers

edding flipchart markers

Perfect for putting ideas down on paper

  • Brilliant ink that won’t bleed through the paper
  • The marker can be left with the cap off for several weeks without drying out (test climate according to ISO 554)
  • Smooth writing with no squeaks

Permanent markers


Fineliners, fibrepens and gel rollers

Correctors and cutters

Special solutions

edding markers with cap-off technology

Cap-off time: lets you pick up where you left off.

It happens to us all: we get distracted and forget to put the cap back on the marker. No problem! Because thanks to innovative cap-off technology, our whiteboard and flipchart markers can be left without a cap on for days or weeks without drying out. So you can simply pick up the marker at any time and carry on.

edding refillable markers

Refillable in a flash.

Has your edding run dry? No problem! Our whiteboard and flipchart markers are quick and easy to refill, ready to write again without delay. A simple and eco-friendly solution to extend the life of your marker. Has a positive impact on the environment and saves money.