Quality Assurance at edding

How does edding verify the quality of its products?

Over 95 million markers are produced each year at the edding V.D. Ledermann & Co. GmbH facility in Bautzen. This 8,000 m2 production and storage facility is the core of edding’s in-house production process. It is also where edding tests for product quality throughout the production process, making it easy to catch mistakes and errors immediately and to interrupt production if necessary.

When suppliers deliver components, we make sure that quality is maintained. Suppliers must adhere to the specifications we define, for example, concerning the product’s barrel and nib, as well as the brilliance of colour and characteristics of lightfast, heat-resistant, and quick-drying ink. Every product that involves a supplier goes through a comprehensive inspection during the production process and before it leaves the premises, so that all products meet our quality requirements.

edding rises to the challenge of being responsible for the quality of the products that carry its name, and cooperates closely with its suppliers to ensure that the high level of quality is maintained and that quality controls remain effective.

How edding tests products and employs quality assurance

Sending and receiving Emails via laptop and smartphone

What is the process for customers to draw attention to a problem?

There are multiple ways for customers to bring their concerns regarding the quality of our products to the attention of edding. Customers can contact edding directly using the online form, which generates an email that’s sent to the Head of Quality Assurance and Complaint Management. Filing a complaint online also lets customers attach photos, making it no longer necessary for the end-customer to ship the defective product to edding.

Once a complaint has been filed on the website, it is received as an email. Complaints from Germany are sent to Wunstorf, while those from other countries are directed to the country’s responsible sales team or to Sales Support International, located in Ahrensburg. The complaints are evaluated and the problem is identified as either an issue that is justifiable according to the specifications or whether it was due to a misuse of the product. Customers are recommended to send photos of the product they are experiencing an issue with, as this makes it easier to identify the problem.

Customer reviews on various e-commerce platforms are also monitored, as these can be used to improve customer satisfaction and make the products better and safer. In fact, any review lower than 4 stars is seen as a complaint. These ratings are also categorised and evaluated, and the results are used again in marketing and product development.

edding sees complaints as a chance to improve its products and therefore improve customer satisfaction.

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