Alcohol-resistant marker by edding

Why are not all inks resistant to alcohol?

Marker inks are very complex chemical liquids, which in simple terms are composed of:

  • solvent
  • preservative, if needed
  • binding agent
  • dyes
  • or pigment dispersions.

The composition of these components determines all ink characteristics. Whether or not an edding marker is alcohol-resistant depends mainly on the type of solvent.

Solvents in inks are often alcohol-, water- or oil-based. The solvent ensures that the ink in the marker flows, to enable flawless writing. While writing on a material, the solvent evaporates. How quickly the ink dries depends on the solvent, the material used, such as paper or glass, and the environmental conditions such as humidity. When marking on a porous, absorbent surface such as untreated wood, the ink can penetrate into the pores of the material and cannot be removed afterwards. On a non-porous surface, such as glass or metal, the ink remains on the surface and after the ink has dried, the binder ensures that the marking adheres. This is why it is possible to remove markings from glass.

Once dried, a marking can be removed with the same solvent as the one used in the marker ink, or a similar one. For that reason, an alcohol-resistant marker is not based on the solvent alcohol. The fact that various alcohols such as ethanol or isopropanol are used for inks, and that even a water-based marker does not automatically contain alcohol-resistant ink, shows how complex it is. The edding 750 paint marker inks are the best choice whenever an alcohol-resistant marker is required.

In which industries is the topic alcohol resistance relevant?

Mark your belongings

New behaviour patterns apply in every workplace, whether in the office, warehouse, laboratory, workshop or on a production line, in order to protect our colleagues and ourselves. This includes wearing masks and social distancing, as well as disinfecting objects and surfaces. The edding 750 paint marker, with its alcohol-resistant ink, is recommended for all markings that will come into contact with the liquid, as the ink is also resistant to most disinfectants. Depending on the ingredients in the disinfectant, it is also possible that the paint marker ink may come off ‒ it is not resistant to various types of oil and grease, for example.

In addition, experts and official authorities recommend that every employee use his or her personal equipment. This includes tools as well as office materials and, accordingly, any markers used during daily work.

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