Our brands

We care so that you dare to be who you are. The brands of the edding Group empower you to express yourself through a wide range of applications.

Within the edding Group, we believe in a world where everyone can leave their mark and make a difference. We want to make a relevant and sustainable contribution to ensuring that everyone may and can express themself freely and in a variety of ways.

We believe that our products are not more than extensions of your hand, heart and mind to express yourself.

The edding brand

The edding brand stands for leaving one's mark on all kinds of surfaces – through high-quality ink solutions from special industrial applications to creative design at home. “The Power of Expression”.

The Legamaster brand

The Legamaster brand offers visual communication solutions which empower creativity, boost interaction and enable teams to excel - from flipcharts to interactive displays. “The Power of Collaboration”.

The PLAYROOM brand

The PLAYROOM brand creates room(s) for ideas to make work more creative, efficient and fun – through workshops and methodology trainings, tools and physical innovation environments. “The Power of Co-creation”.