Acrylic painting - Tips & techniques

Here’s what to do

The edding acrylic range is always ready for use. To awaken the artist within you, you won’t need a brush, an easel or even a palette – all you need are the edding acrylic products in your chosen colours and you’re all set to start right away!

Visit our instructions page to find out more about the usage of the edding Acrylic range.

Sketch the motif in pencil with a little bit of help

Easily transfer our templates onto your canvas!

Download templates for our motifs here, print them out and place them underneath your canvas for an easy tracing.

On the back of the canvas you’ll find some small wooden wedges. These can be used to hold your template in position. Simply slide the wedges between the canvas and the wooden frame to prevent your template from slipping.

Shine a bright light source at your canvas from behind. This will allow you to simply sketch the motif in pencil.

Make your own tempates!

Upload a picture to our template generator and print out a black-and-white outlined template of your own.

Tips and techniques

Painting effects

We show you a few hints and tips on how to achieve special painting effects on our YouTube channel.

Acrylic marker washes

Acrylic 3D double liner washes

Colour gradients and blending techniques

Double liner dabbing technique

Mix & Match

Use acrylic spray paint for backgrounds

Prime your canvas with permanent spray in two different colours to create an exciting colour transition as a background for your art. Once the canvas is completely dry, get painting with the matching colours in the acrylic pen range.

Create a colour transition with acrylic spray paint

Start painting with the matching acrylic markers

Colour coordinated edding Acrylic range

Our acrylic markers are colour-coordinated with the edding 5200 acrylic permanent spray range.

Mix and match with total ease, and create amazing works of art!