Personalised scented candles

Hand-painted candle holders with a galactic theme

When the temperature outside starts to fall and the first autumn storms arrive, it’s time to get cosy indoors with candles and a nice hot drink. Whether they’re plain or scented, candles create a lovely warm atmosphere, and you can make beautiful effects by decorating the glass holders using edding gloss paint markers. Since outer space is such a big theme at the moment, how about an enchanting star motif in metallic colours? In keeping with this trend, we have extended the edding 780 gloss paint marker range to include three new metallic shades: light blue metallic, green metallic and violet metallic – ideal for personalising almost any home décor item made of glass, plastic, metal or paper. Or to add striking lettering to the glass holders, use the edding 753 gloss paint marker calligraphy.

Living room
Paint markers
Glass and mirror
Plastic and foil
Easy peasy
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  • Candle holder made of dark-coloured plastic or glass

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