Practical tools to smooth your move

edding’s assistants help making moving easier

Finding a new home can be really exciting, but moving from A to B can also be quite stressful unless everything is meticulously planned. There’s a lot to think about – but edding’s removal assistants can take out a lot of the hassle and ensure that nothing important gets forgotten. And, once you’re in, you’ll have more time to enjoy your new home.

Essential for any house move: permanent markers

Labelling crates and boxes is half the battle. It means you can be confident that everything ends up in the right place, enabling you to settle into your new surroundings even sooner. edding permanent markers are ideal for the job as they come in a range of nib widths from extra-wide to super fine, allowing you to make both bold and finer markings. Here’s a handy tip for you: to avoid tangled cables, bring several together and secure them in, say, short lengths of plastic tubing before labelling them. And because moving house should also be an enjoyable experience, you can even use the markers to add fun creative designs – whether you draw these on a removal box or just a pizza box, there are no limits to your creativity!

Special pen for drill holes

While some people are still busy lugging boxes, others can start putting things up. You’ll need to drill a hole for each wall lamp, and four for every single wall cupboard – not to mention all those bathroom fittings. To mark the position of drill holes accurately and permanently, even in those hard-to-reach places, the edding carpenter pen is equipped with a long, narrow nib.

Decorating with paint markers

Turn your new house into a home as soon as you can by adding some personal touches. edding paint markers are highly opaque and can be used to enhance a wide variety of smooth surfaces. A plain grey metal tool box can be jazzed up in this way. Another idea is to paint the hooks on a family coat rack in different colours so that everyone can spot theirs at a glance.

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