Brand values

Power of expression

Power of expression

Our core value

The power of expression. It means drawing a line, setting a direction, formulating a statement. Because edding stands for clear design, clear colours, clear communication – there‘s no mistaking its distinctive look. Wherever strong convictions leave no room for compromise, whenever it’s a question of showing one’s colours – both literally and metaphorically – only edding will do. Whenever someone holds an edding in their hand, they know just what they want. And they know just what they‘re getting. And whenever an edding is being used, the individual personality of the user is reflected in the power of expression! From simple doodles to professional presentations, artistic designs or solving DIY problems in the home – edding will help anyone to successfully realise their ideas!

edding’s power of expression is full of conviction, honesty and the certainty that what is said today will also hold true tomorrow.

Personal freedom

Personal freedom

Our brand vision

We believe in freedom for everyone to make their ideas visible and express their personality. Being able to express oneself – freely and individually – is part of this freedom. It‘s a basic human need that we aim to protect and foster. And who can do it better than us? After all, our products help to give ideas their colour, shape and a unique expression all over the world, in every language and culture.

That‘s why we believe that freedom is the right word to characterise the vision of the edding brand. A vision that, for us, represents both a commitment and an incentive. And that goes for everybody who works for (and with) edding.

Realise your ideas

Our brand mission

edding offers everyone the best product with which to realise oneself and one’s ideas. Whether someone‘s an all-rounder, a hobby crafter or a professional specialist: we tell no-one how their personal freedom should be. We provide the means and the inspiration to give everyone the power to express themselves in their own unique style. Whether through our classic products or new innovations, edding offers everyone the “tools“ they need to realise their ideas or tackle routine challenges, giving everyone the power to be successful in what they do.

We always keep our eyes open, because a good idea doesn’t care who thought of it or where it came from. These solutions may come from our development department or our customers. And sometimes we‘re simply won over by exciting events on the street. It‘s our task, our daily mission on behalf of the edding brand!

My edding

Our brand promise

Professionals and hobby users alike: ever since we were founded, we have been helping everyone who wishes to solve a marking problem and does not want – or cannot afford – to settle for anything less than the best. We are the only supplier who has a tailor-made, high-quality, professional and long-lasting product for almost every purpose.

We make our customers’ ideas visible and give them the power of expression. After all, apart from supplying functional quality, we also help people give free rein to their own creativity and express their own personality – any time, any place. We are the extension of our customers’ hand. To them, we are more than just a tool or some “no name” product! In their eyes we are “my edding”.

Functional brand attributes


edding products are sturdy and resilient. End of story.

Cheap products are not our thing. This robustness also gives the user support and stability in their day-to-day tasks: whether it‘s organising a home, or tackling challenges at work – edding is the tool that‘s guaranteed to help you succeed!

Robustness is also reflected in our sales charts and figures: since it was founded, edding has weathered all storms, continuing to develop the brand on a permanent basis.


edding wants to be better than the competition – on a long-term, permanent basis.

Since it was founded in 1960, edding has been supplying extremely long-lasting, high-quality products that give everyone freedom in all manner of applications and on a whole host of different surfaces. And edding has a knack of constantly developing new innovations and creating excellent specialist solutions. Time and time again.

Important factors in our success include the durability and reliability of our products and the decisions we make. That‘s because edding thinks and acts with foresight: we prefer long-term success to short-term profit. This has led to the development of a culture and know-how that are unique in this industry and which will continue to endure in the future.

Our customers’ standards are extremely high. Which is a good thing. After all, edding knows no goal other than the attainment of top quality. This applies both to our products and the work we do.

Emotional brand attributes


No one needs to be a professional to be creative.

Creativity at edding isn‘t just about being artistic, it‘s also about being practical: on the one hand, it means realising one‘s potential, giving your ideas free rein, providing artistic impetus. But it‘s also important to be able to do a job reliably, express a clear opinion or find clever solutions to daily challenges.

This solution oriented approach in the broadest sense also impacts on our daily work: whether it means ideas for a new product or an improved workflow – those with constructive opinions are acting in the spirit of edding. edding encourages every user to have fun with their own creations and projects as well as achieve perfect results quickly and easily.


We want to be authentic – collectively as a brand and individually as people.

It is something we stand up for. We lead by example. For instance, we enjoy our work and believe in it, and what we say is consistent with what we do – every day. It‘s a strength that also creates trust in our partners, helping paint edding’s image as a down-to-earth, positive company with a human face.

Since edding was founded, it has always been important for us to act authentically, with conviction. This also means assuming economic, environmental and social responsbility, not just through our sustainable products.