Sticker adhesive remover that works in a flash!

A simple solution to an age-old problem

There are plenty of tips and tricks that supposedly let you remove sticker residue and sticky labels easily without getting mucky fingers or leaving unsightly marks ‒ but most of them do just the opposite! There is a clean and simple solution, however: the edding 8180 label removal marker. Not just a sticky label remover, it also gets rid of adhesive tape residue in no time at all, making it a particularly useful everyday aid that no well-equipped household should be without.

It’s incredibly simple to use: shake the marker vigorously and then carefully pump the nib until the oil appears. Apply the oil to the label and let it soak in for a few minutes. The label can now be peeled off without leaving any residue. Needless to say, when we designed this product we made sure we took environmental factors into consideration: the ingredients used in the odourless oil are based on natural, renewable resources, so it’s even suitable for more sensitive materials.

The edding 8180 label removal marker makes light work of adhesive residue and will remove labels from glass and porcelain with total ease.

The label remover is gentle enough to handle other surfaces such as stickers on the soles of shoes, doors and furniture. It can also tackle adhesive residue left behind by windscreen stickers.

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