Make spring even brighter with edding!

Get ready for spring!

The mornings are getting lighter, the sun has come out of hiding and the sound of birds chirping away happily draws us outdoors. Hooray! Spring is finally here! Time to get outside and introduce some spring freshness to your garden or patio. You can do this in a matter of moments with the help of edding markers and spray paints.

A fresh lick of paint for flowerpots

The trendy colour combinations in our spray range mean you can transform outdoor items - from garden furniture to plant pots and garden décor - into eye-catching spring accessories.

Weatherproof marking

Imagine your neighbour wants to borrow your garden rake, or you’ve found a child’s toy in the sandpit and you’ve no idea who it belongs to. With its permanent ink, the edding outdoor marker is ideal for clearly labelling practically any item or surface outside the home.

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