How to get started with your acrylic 3D double liner:

  1. No need to shake before use.
    To remove the tamper-proof seal on the cap, tear along the perforated line and remove the label.
  2. Carefully remove the cap.
    Using thumb and forefinger, gently squeeze the acrylic 3D double liner until paint starts to come out.
  3. The acrylic 3D double liner is now ready for use and you can start writing, applying either fine or broad lines as you paint.
    Important: Do not use with both ends open at the same time.

Store at room temperature.

How to activate your acrylic markers:

  1. Shake the marker with the cap on until the mixing balls inside the pen start to rattle. Remove the cap.
  2. With the marker facing down, gently pump the tip up and down on a piece of scrap paper until paint fills the nib. This step can take a while, depending on the size of the pen.
    Important: Hold the broad marker at a slight angle as you do this, to prevent damage to the chisel nib.
  3. The marker is now ready for use and you can start writing.

If the flow of ink slows down, pump the marker again. Store the marker horizontally and at room temperature.

Blurry image of an edding acrylic marker being shaken prior to use
A blue edding acrylic marker being used on a white canvas

Tips and techniques

We show you a few hints and tips on how to achieve special painting effects.

Replacing the nibs

What if your marker has had a lot of use, or hasn’t been used for some time? If the nib has dried out, has picked up a lot of dirt, or is damaged, you can replace it in just a few easy moves!

Step 1: Hold the marker with the nib facing up. Using a tissue between two fingers (or tweezers, pliers and the like), grip the dried-out marker nib and pull to remove.

Step 2: Insert the replacement nib into the mouthpiece, then activate the marker in the usual way.

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