It’s party time with edding!

Summer is the time for parties

What could be nicer than getting together with family and friends for a celebration, whatever the occasion. Whether it’s an indoor party or a garden party, there’s lots to be organised – which usually means a great deal of work for the host. So it’s a good idea to have a variety of edding markers to hand, as they can be used for decorating a whole host of things, such as personalised invitations, place cards and bunting.

Original invitations

The edding 400 permanent marker is the perfect choice for designing imaginative invitation cards. Its fine nib is superb for writing on many different surfaces – balloons, for instance. We recommend you blow up the balloon first before you start writing. Let the air out again, stick the balloon to the card with Washi tape and – hey presto - you’ve made an innovative invitation!

Colourful decoration

Creative place cards can be designed in super-quick time with edding fibre pens. They’re also ideal for making brightly-coloured bunting and pretty paper lanterns, a sure-fire way to make this a party to remember.

Stylish table décor: decorated glasses and vases

For that extra-special look, use beautifully-embellished vases and glasses as part of your table décor. An easy way to paint these by hand is to use edding gloss paint markers. The markers produce an opaque sheen, even on dark surfaces, and will attract many an admiring glance.

Labelled freezer contents

freeze marking with edding

Flavoured ice cubes are a big hit at any party, especially kids’ birthdays. To keep track of your freezer contents at all times, simply use the edding freezer marker for permanent, frost-resistant labelling on freezer bags and containers. Even temperatures as low as -25°C are no match for this marker.

A place for guests to leave messages that last forever

Making your own guest book couldn’t be easier! All you need is a large piece of paper or plastic film mounted on the wall. When it comes to writing the entries, we recommend the edding retract 11 permanent marker with its push-button function. It also features a handy clip, so you can attach it to a length of string to keep it in place and put an end to the frustration of having to hunt around for a lost pen or cap.

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