At harvest time, it’s time to get preserving!

Clearly label your jars, storage containers and stickers

Whether it’s bottling or pickling, at this time of year more and more of us are discovering the pleasures of the popular pastime of harvesting and preserving. Just like in our grandmother’s day, people are busy making jam, bottling fruit or making their own chutneys and fruit juices. And anything that doesn’t find its way into a preserving jar can simply be frozen instead. In order to keep track of it all and be able to identify the contents every time, it’s important to clearly label jars, freezer containers and stickers – the perfect job for edding markers!

Remove labels and adhesive residue with ease

Before filling jars and food containers with delicious produce, the old labels need to be removed. This has traditionally been an annoying and often sticky affair. These days, however, paper labels and adhesive residue can be removed with an edding label removal marker. It allows for precise application, is quick to use and leaves no trace. Simply apply the oil, leave it to soak in for a few moments and then peel off the label! There are many other ways to use the label removal marker as well.

Label preserves the smart way

After you’ve filled your jars, bottles and other food containers, it’s time to get labelling. Homemade preserves are a fantastic gift to give a host at any party, particularly if the jar looks attractive. edding permanent markers are ideal for stylish designs on labels, or simply for quick, clear labelling of jars to keep in your own store cupboard. And for glossy effects on dark surfaces, choose edding paint markers.

Keep track of your freezer contents

If you have a bumper crop, some of it can be frozen in plastic containers or freezer bags for you to enjoy at a later date. The edding freeze marker is ideal for this. Use it for frost-resistant labelling on bags and containers so you can see what’s in your freezer at a glance.

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