edding brand

The edding brand stands for leaving one's mark on all kinds of surfaces – through high-quality ink solutions from special industrial applications to creative design at home. “The Power of Expression”.

Brand profile

Power of expression

Power of Expression

Brand core

The power of expression. It means drawing a line, setting a direction, formulating a statement. Because edding stands for clear design, clear colours, clear communication – there‘s no mistaking its distinctive look. Wherever strong convictions leave no room for compromise, whenever it’s a question of showing one’s colours – both literally and metaphorically – only edding will do. Whenever someone holds (an) edding in their hand, they know just what they want. And they know just what they‘re getting. And whenever (an) edding is being used, the individual personality of the user is reflected in the power of expression! From simple doodles to professional presentations, from artistic designs to master DIY challenges at home, from getting a safe tattoo to using reliable technical solutions at work – edding will inspire and empower anyone to successfully realise their ideas!
edding’s power of expression is full of conviction, honesty and the certainty that what is said today will also hold true tomorrow.

Realise your ideas

Brand vision & mission

We believe in a world where people can express themselves freely.

Being able to express oneself – freely and individually is a basic human need that we aim to protect and foster. After all, our products help to give ideas their colour, shape and a unique expression all over the world, in every language and culture.

To achieve this, we create solutions every day that empower people to master every challenge and express their thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

My edding

Brand promise

edding empowers professionals, private users and other ink enthusiasts alike to master every challenge and visibly express their own creativity by creating individual solutions and always supplying the highest quality and the most long-lasting products.

edding encourages and inspires everyone to have fun in their own creations and projects and to successfully put their ideas into effect. edding offers the certainty of being able to achieve perfect results quickly and easily.

That‘s because the edding brand stands not just for quality and reliability, but also the consolidation of one‘s own creativity. This combination of functional and emotional values is what makes edding unique. Whilst the functional aspect gives the brand strength and offers users support, stability and security, the emotional element gives edding fans a sense of creative joy.

Brand attributes


edding wants to be better than the competition – on a long-term, permanent basis.

Since the edding brand was founded in 1960, it stands for extremely long-lasting, high-quality and durable products that give everyone freedom in all manner of applications and on a whole host of different surfaces. From then on edding always strives for constantly developing new innovations and creating excellent specialist solutions.

Important factors of edding’s success are the durability and reliability of the products as well as the brand’s unique know-how and expertise. But edding also proves its reliability in always striving for long-term partnerships.

The expectations of the many different user groups towards edding are high. Which is a good thing. After all, edding knows no goal other than the attainment of top quality – on a long-term, permanent basis.


edding products are sturdy and resilient. End of story.

edding products are sturdy and resilient. edding takes great care to develop the robustness in detail, in order to give the user support and stability in their day-to-day tasks: whether it‘s organising their home or tackling challenges at work – edding is the tool that guarantees to succeed, that empowers everyone to master their challenges!

The edding brand has permanently evolved and weathered all storms since its foundation which also reflects its robustness.


No one needs to be a professional to be creative.

Creativity at edding isn‘t just about being artistic, it‘s also about being practical: on the one hand, it means realising one‘s potential, giving your ideas free rein, providing artistic impulses. 

On the other hand, it‘s also important to be able to do a job reliably, solve problems creatively, express a clear opinion or find clever solutions to daily challenges.
Thus, edding combines this solution-oriented approach in the broadest sense with the openness for all opinions, thoughts, ideas and beliefs. edding empowers every user to have fun with their own creations and projects as well as achieve perfect results quickly and easily.