Decorative designs on glass

Create designs on glass and smooth surfaces for any season or occasion

Glass lanterns and window panes look lovely when decorated in beautiful colours. Whether you go for delicate snowflake motifs or larger pictures, edding chalk markers are the perfect choice. This is a simple project that even young kids can enjoy, as there are no scissors or complicated craft instructions involved. And don't worry, because the designs are easy to wipe off again with a damp cloth, leaving you free to be as imaginative and spontaneous as you like! The markers are filled with a liquid chalk that's specially formulated for colouring on glass, mirrors and other non-porous surfaces. There are three different chalk markers to choose from, from extra-broad to fine, and up to 20 colours.


Home decor
Chalk markers
Glass and mirror
Easy peasy
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Products and materials

Other materials

  • Paper for the templates
  • Templates for the snowflakes

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