Creative flower vase

Colourful upcycled vases

It's fun to style your home in bright, cheerful colours and to decorate your own accessories to make them truly eye-catching. If this is something you love doing, here's an awesome upcycling idea that you can copy with ease: flower vases made from empty soap dispensers or other plastic bottles. You can use edding permanent markers to decorate the bottles to your own taste and turn them into striking décor pieces. Our permanent markers are available in a variety of stroke widths and a wide array of colours. If you like fine designs, then go for the classic edding 3000 or edding 400. If, however, you prefer a bigger design, you should opt for the edding 500 permanent marker.

Home decor
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Permanent markers
Plastic and foil
Easy peasy
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  • Empty soap or detergent bottles made of plastic
  • Masking tape

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