Taking art easy.

Because I can.

Discover edding Acrylic

Grab your marker and start right away, wherever you are and no matter which idea you have in mind.

With the edding Acrylics not only working on paper and canvas, but also on stones, wood and terracotta, you can create personal items out of simple stones or upcycle your boring looking flowerpots.

The right marker for every idea!

The acrylic markers make it possible to colour in large and medium-sized areas, create beautiful writing or apply fine highlights.

These markers give you the power to create paintings and works of art using a range of techniques, especially in combination with the acrylic 3D double liner.

edding 5400 acrylic 3D double liner tube in yellow

edding 5400 acrylic 3D double liner

The flexible, double-ended tube contains acrylic paste in artist quality. Create outstanding 3D effects by applying paint to a range of different surfaces. With the two different nozzles you no longer need a brush – the acrylic 3D double liner is always ready to support your creative adventure!

  • Highly pigmented
  • Waterbased
  • Low-odour
  • Lightfast
  • 26 brilliant colours
  • Spare nibs available
  • Made in Gemany
edding acrylic double liner with its two strokewidths displayed

Get inspired Upcycling ideas

Paint wherever, whenever and whatever you like!

There is an artist slumbering inside each of us, just waiting for the right opportunity to be awakened.
That time has come: with the new acrylic range from edding, you are perfectly equipped to start acrylic painting in an instant!

Find more inspiration for your acrylic journey here.

Two edding acrylic startes sets shown on a white background

Everything you need to get started right away

Select the set that inspires you most: The mixed Creative Set (contains 12 markers) in an extended range of basic colours and the mixed Start Easy Set (8 markers) in nordic colours both come with a free pad containing high-quality paper.

Acrylic painting - Tips and techniques

We show you a few hints and tips on how to achieve special painting effects!

Six edding acrylic marker sets

Acrylic painting made easy

Choose your favourite product and colour composition from the large range of carefully selected sets and bring your ideas to life!

Mix & Match with our sprays

Our new products are colour-coordinated with the edding 5200 acrylic permanent spray range. Mix and match with total ease and create amazing works of art.

edding Acrylic range shown with the markers, doubler liner tube and spray in blue