Make your own silhouette art

A hand lettered table decoration

Homemade table decorations are always the nicest because they’re so personal. And this time we’ve come up with something quite novel: a kitchen tray with a paper silhouette design, decorated with hand lettering. Cutting a silhouette out of paper is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The easiest way is to use our template of course, but if you have a suitable photograph you can create your own template on your PC. For the hand lettering or brush lettering, you’ll need flexible brush pens, like the ones supplied in the Colour Happy Box. This box contains 20 edding 1340 brush pens and the ingenious Brushpen Colour Mixer, a clever tool which is capable of creating up to 190 colour shades from just 20 standard colours. Before you start lettering, we recommend you practise a few exercises with the brush pen. By applying varying amounts of pressure to the nib you can achieve both broad and fine strokes. To prevent the silhouette from getting dirty or scratched when the tray is in use, use a protective sheet of acrylic glass over the top.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • Sheet of white paper to fit inside the tray
  • A tray, plus a sheet of acrylic glass
  • “Silhouette” template
  • Good quality pointed scissors (e.g. by Fiskars)

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