Pond ornaments

Create your own terracotta pond decorations with edding calligraphy markers

During the warmer months, a garden pond can be a beautiful outdoor feature that any homeowner can enjoy. The size is irrelevant, as even the smallest pond can add colour and variety to a garden. An effective way to enhance your garden pond decor is to craft decorative floating discs out of terracotta.

The discs glide delicately across the water, in beautiful harmony with water lilies and other aquatic plants. edding 1455 calligraphy markers allow you to add your own unique designs and turn them into truly original floating pond decorations. The flexible nib of the edding 1455 calligraphy marker makes it easy to add special calligraphy effects and at the same time provides a certain artistic touch. The ink in the edding calligraphy marker is both waterproof and weather-resistant and ideal for almost all indoor and outdoor surfaces, especially terracotta, wood, cardboard and canvas.


Products and materials

Other materials

  • Floating discs made of terracotta or ceramic (available in DIY and garden stores)
  • A pencil for pre-sketching (optional)

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