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Find inspiration in the latest trend-setting colours in the edding permanent spray range: neo mint, champagne gold, classy mauve and pastel rose. Pick your favourite, or combine different shades – and create personalised home accessories that are sure to turn heads!

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edding trend colours 2020

Discover the trend colours

Neo mint is a green hue that symbolises the harmony between technological advancement and nature, giving your home décor an exciting, futuristic look.

Champagne gold provides a hint of glamour, creating sophisticated touches in interior living and garden areas.

Both colours go beautifully with delicate rose tones, classy mauve and pastel rose, transforming your home into a feel-good space.

Get started

Create colourful hanging baskets

Give your home a fresh, modern look in next to no time with these pretty pastel sorbet shades.

With edding permanent spray to help you, it’s easy to create these colourful hanging baskets using woven plant pot holders.


Combine edding permanent spray with edding gloss paint markers and create individual and colourful decorations.

Product features

  • Premium acrylic paint 
  • High coverage and extremely quick-drying 
  • Weatherproof and extremely lightfast
  • Available in 34 silk-matt and 3 glossy colours
  • Interchangeable sprayheads available

Smart tricks

  • Spray outdoors or in a well-ventilated room
  • Shake the can vigorously for about 3 minutes
  • Always carry out a test spray
  • Easy-peasy: use templates and stencils for your DIY

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