Puzzle fun for your little ones

Colour, cut, complete: make your own easy puzzle

Young or old, everyone’s into puzzles these days. It’s really fun putting together a picture piece by piece, and you always feel so proud when you add the last piece. The version shown here is the ideal starter puzzle for your little ones and is very easy to make at home. Each of our amusing designs is divided into five strips, offering a fun way for your younger children to learn their first numbers at the same time. Simply download your favourite design and colour it in with edding Funtastics fibre pens. These felt tips are perfectly designed for children, making them the ideal choice for kids looking to try out their colouring skills to their heart’s content. Available in a handy storage box, there are 18 cheerful colours to choose from. The ink can be washed off the skin with ease and can be washed out of most textiles at 40°C. 


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