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Wall art with hand lettering

Wall art with hand lettering

With spring on its way, we can look forward to the fresh colours of the new season - both outside in nature as well as inside the home. But if the thought of painting an entire wall in a new colour doesn’t appeal to you, you could try this wall decoration idea using everyday materials to create a really effective, eye-catching accessory. These colourful “frames” were made using simple decorative paper plates painted with edding Permanent Spray in matching spring colours (there are 34 trendy colours to choose from). By adding hand lettering and designs you can create really eye-catching objects guaranteed to brighten up any room. Hand lettering is a beautiful art form and creates a cheerful yet stylish atmosphere. How you do it is up to you: use large or small letters and enhance them with shading, flourishes or dots – just let your imagination take you wherever it wants to go. Why not give it a try?

To create these wall pictures, you will need
  • A selection of rectangular decorative paper plates
  • White paper, pencil, scissors
  • Masking tape, large needle and ribbon to secure the test tubes
  • edding Permanent Spray in matching shades (in our example we’ve used pastel pink, light lavender, lilac and berry)
  • Black pens for the hand lettering: edding 1800 fineliner, edding 1340 brushpen, edding 1200 colourpen
  • Large protective cover for your work area
  • Test tubes and single flower stems
Step-by-step instructions
  1. If possible, spray outdoors with a large protective cover placed underneath
  2. Ensure the paper plates are dry and free from dust
  3. Now for the spraying: we recommend using both horizontal and vertical strokes to ensure more even coverage (details on working with edding Permanent Spray can be found at
  4. Allow to dry thoroughly
  5. Cut out pieces of white paper to fit the frames. We recommend practising on a sheet of paper first to see which styles you like best
  6. The edding 1800 is good for very fine lettering or outlines, while the edding 1340 brushpen has a very flexible brush nib that is superb for sweeping lines
  7. Play around with the spacing and height of the letters. There are no set rules – anything goes!
  8. For those extra touches, use the edding 1200 colourpen to add shading or dainty decorative features such as flourishes and dots
  9. Stick the finished designs onto their background using a piece of masking tape
  10. With the aid of the needle, fasten the test tubes to the plate using a piece of ribbon
  11. Hang the pictures on the wall and place the flowers in their mini vases
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