Wall art with hand lettering

Easy DIY hanging wall art

With spring on its way, we can look forward to the fresh colours of the new season – both outside in nature as well as inside the home. But if the thought of painting an entire wall in a new colour doesn’t appeal to you, wy not try our wall hanging ideas using everyday materials to create a really effective, eye-catching accessory. These colourful “frames” were made using simple decorative paper plates painted with edding Permanent Spray in matching spring colours (there are 34 trendy colours to choose from). With added hand lettering and designs you'll be making wall decor that's really eye-catching and guaranteed to brighten up any room. Hand lettering is a beautiful art form and creates a cheerful yet stylish atmosphere. How you do it is up to you: use large or small letters and enhance them with shading, flourishes or dots – just let your imagination take you wherever it wants to go. Why not give it a try?


Products and materials

Other materials

  • A selection of rectangular decorative paper plates
  • White paper, pencil, scissors
  • Masking tape, large needle and ribbon to secure the test tubes
  • Large protective cover for your work area
  • Test tubes and single flower stems

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